Seems the things I love have a lot to do with rhythm! Teaching and playing piano, writing, cycling, and this is the place  where it all comes together.

It’s been over twenty-five years since I first got back on a bike. I bought what must have been a fifty pound mountain bike and one of those white Bell helmets in style at the time and set off in search of freedom on the cottage roads.  As a young mother and wife, I had no idea until I swung my leg over the bar and set off, just what that bike was going to mean to me.

Wearing the ugliest baggy khaki shorts you can image, I rode my way out and back from the cottage, measuring progress by the ease with which I greeted once challenging hills. Little did I know it was only the beginning .

This is the lovely bike I ride now and I hope, for a very long time.

Ma Bilke


Michael Barry at Bicycle Specialties fit me for it and Marinoni built it.  It has gone through a few adjustments over the years to accommodate my deteriorating hip. This past winter I was finally deemed old enough for total hip replacement surgery, and just in time as the x-ray showed it was down to bone on bone. I didn’t need an x-ray for that. It squeaked when I rode the spin bike.

Now that I’m not squeaking, there will be no stopping me.


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