Like Sixty

When I own up to turning sixty this year, people often say,  “Oh yeah, but sixty is the new forty.” It’s not true, I’m not going to lie. I remember forty and sixty isn’t the same.

But it is not stopping me from pushing a few limits, either.

When I started the MMR LeTour Challenge I set a goal of 10% of the Tour distance. Then along the way I got the 100 mile virtual badge and I realized that the 250 mile award was only another 50 or so km more than my original goal. So I’ve set my sights on that.

I used to have some hard and fast rules about cycling. Not in the rain. Not when the temperature dipped below two digits celsius.  Not in heavy wind.

This past week, rule one and three got broken. Because I had been away for 3 of the past 5 days, I had no choice but to squeeze in a ride on a rainy day. I studied the radar and found a gap between two bands of rain.  It was sunny when I headed out, so I was feeling pretty smug about nailing the weather prediction.

At the far end of my route, ominously, a Disaster Mitigation Services truck drove on past me. There were some seriously dark clouds blowing in. When I turned to retrace my route, it was sunny in the distance and I figured the storm had passed north along with the truck. Not so. When the storm hit, it was pretty spectacular, a torrential downpour with 50 km wind gusts coming at me from all sides, water sheeting and pinging off the pavement.  Rain and sweat splashed onto the inside of my sunglasses while I tried to hold my line and look for a safe place to get off the road. Then just as suddenly, it was over and I was still upright.

I rode on, feeling kind of chuffed. Going…. like sixty.





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