Trivial Pursuit

Remember this Game? It was invented by Canadians in 1979!

Today when I was cycling the River Road, I noticed something on the pavement ahead that looked worth avoiding. As I got closer, I could see it was a small, empty box.

The colour and graphics triggered a long ago memory.  It was a Trivial Pursuit box, one of the two that held the question cards. It’s amazing that such an unremarkable graphic image from so long ago can stick with you. It has been at least 25 years since I’ve actually played.

Trivial Pursuit was a board game invented by two Canadian journalists, Chris Haney and Scott Abbott. There were different categories of questions such as History, Science, Art. The object was to move along the circular track and spokes, correctly answering questions and collecting a wedge for each category. Then you went to the hub and answered a final game winning question. I have to say, I was never very good at science and I don’t remember winning very often!

I can only guess that someone lost badly at Trivial Pursuit today.

As I cycled on up the road, I rolled on over dozens of question cards, scattered all over the road. Further on, there was another empty question box and more cards on the road. Obviously, someone had let the cards fly out their car window before ditching the boxes. Another km and there was the big box it all came in but nothing more, no board or plastic wedges.

What amazed me when I got home and went looking for a picture of the game, is the number of variations that were developed over the years, including an app! I always thought Trivial Pursuit had disappeared into obscurity except as a token Canadian question on Wheel of Fortune.

When I finished my ride, I drove back to get a shot of the cards all over the road, but they were already blown onto the shoulder by the cars driving past.

Made me realize how close I must have been to seeing the cards take flight!



2 thoughts on “Trivial Pursuit

  1. “Emily Bronte and the Bronte Sisters!” 🙂 Ha!

    What a great image, and such a fun bonus-experience to add to your ride. A road strewn with colourful questions-and-answers, and something you enjoyed (for the most part) from your past. Sounds like your timing was perfect.

    Living over towards Orangeville area, I was interested to discover recently that one of the massive houses near the top of The Gore Road near us was owned by one of those Trivial Pursuit creators; so personal connection here as well.

    Thanks for lovely writing and for sharing the experience!

  2. The ghost of New Year’s Eve past has appeared. Even the ‘Young Players’ edition, which was dusted off once a year for the occasion, was sufficiently humbling, particularly for the adults in the house. Thanks for sharing. What a beautiful summer for riding!

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