My First Mechanical

OK. Now what?
OK. Now what?

Yesterday I had my first mechanical. I don’t have a team car that follows me around to change my tire or give me a new bike when something goes wrong. But I do have a wonderful live-in mechanic, so I’ve never bothered to learn how to do anything more than fill my tires with air. I cycle with my phone in case anything dire happens, and more importantly, to Map My Ride. But in all the years I’ve been cycling, I have only ever had one flat tire and I was in Warsaw at the time. Amy Quirk at the garage just loaded me and my bike into her van and brought me home. Kind of like a team car, I guess.

When I got in my car to head over to the River Road for my Stage 5 ride, there was my beautiful new Specialized Ruby sitting on the passenger seat. And all I could do was wait for my mechanic to arrive home. Fortunately, I didn’t fall far behind the pack. I did manage to get in my ride, but without the rain and cobbles the Tour riders endured.

New goal. Learn how to take care of my own bike!



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